How to and When to Cleanse Your Face

When it comes to how to and when to cleanse your face, you have loads of confusions. If you have oily skin then you tend to wash your face after every hour. And those with dry skin issues, they are afraid to wash their face. However, you can also find some people who washes their face anytime without any worry. Some people advice you not to wash your face while you are sweating and is in heat; you need to cool down first and wash your face. Be it this or that, you need to maintain skin hygiene by washing your face twice daily.

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How to Include Indian Gooseberry in Skin and Hair Care Regimen

The grandmother’s recipe is back again. And this time it is Indian Gooseberry for Skin and Hair Care. Indian gooseberry is packed with vitamin C along with other nutrients that are necessary for your health. If you want to prepare a magic potion for your skin and health, try your hand in gooseberry juice. Drink pure homemade Indian gooseberry juice once daily, then, more than half of your health and skin issues will vanish.

Preparation of this wonderful juice takes a little effort. However, the canned or bottled juice cannot beat the pure homemade juice at any cost. Learn a few tricks on how to make gooseberry juice at home.

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Tips on How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Looking beautiful does not only imply to a makeup session that boosts your appearance. However, enhancing your look without makeup needs patience and perseverance. To get this naturally beautiful look, you will have to start with a strict skin care regimen.

The long list of makeup kit usually includes a sunscreen, a light foundation, lip and eyebrow definers, eye shadow shades, blusher, dusting powder and a range of lipsticks usually. Cut it down to few essentials, like, a sunscreen, eyebrow definer, dusting powder and a lip balm. Yet, the list of essentials depends on how you would like to enhance your appearance.

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12 Ways to Care Skin and Hair during Monsoon

Last few days, I was out in the rain, holidaying. It was really maddening to get suddenly exposed to the drizzle every now and then. The scarf helped a lot though. You may be familiar with the washed away sunscreen and damp hair issue in such a situation. My mother always advised me not to expose the hair in drizzles; it creates trouble that increases your hair woes. The lovely wet hair look needs a lot of instant hair care tactics to get rid of the unwanted consequences that directly relates to the wet season. The impact also differs from the type of rain you get exposed to. You need to understand the disparity in fresh and dirty rainwater. And a higher level of humidity also plays the villain in damaging your skin and hair.

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How to Cool Your Skin in Summer

Looking for some way to look after your skin without the fuss to visit a salon each time you feel the need. You can start it all at home. Summer is on its high tide; it tans, burns, dehydrates, boosts the pigmentation and results to early ageing. To break the hammer of summer sun, look out for the following ingredients that are available easily at home and prepare your own facial packs accordingly.

To cool down your skin and tighten the pores, apply fresh mint and turmeric paste after cleansing your face. Leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash with plain cold water. The turmeric is known to prevent acne breakouts.

You may have been using cleanser which contains chemicals to cleanse your facial skin. It will be helpful to note that fresh milk has the same cleansing properties. Regular use of milk as cleanser will give you glowing skin. Cleanse your face with milk after washing your face with a mild face wash. Dip a small cotton ball into 2/3 tbsp of milk, squeeze the excess milk out and wipe your face with the milk soaked cotton ball. Wash your face with plain cold water. Jump onto your bed without applying anything.

Milk can also be used for skin lightening and softening as well as glowing treatment if mixed with honey. Take equal quantity of milk and honey. Mix it well and apply it all over your face and neck. Gently massage on with the mixture as you apply it. Then leave it on for about half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

If you feel you have dry skin this summer, hydrate it with cucumber. This cucumber pack is not limited to facial skin only but can be used for head to toe cure. This is to remove the sun tan, to soften the skin and to cool down the heat. Blend a nicely peeled cucumber; increase the quantity as per your need. Add sugar to the blended cucumber and refrigerate it. Apply the chilled cucumber paste to your face and after 10 to 15 minutes wash off with cold water. If you want to use the same for your body as well, use it after the bath. While waiting for your face to be soaked in the paste, rub on the same all over your body.

If you want to bring in a healthy shine to your skin, eat raw tomato and rub tomato on your skin. Prepare tomato pulp and add few drops of honey to it. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave on till it dries. Rinse with cold water. This is ideal for oily skin though. It removes the sun tan and polishes the skin as well.

Oatmeal is getting quite popular in the health market. And many of you are consuming it to beat the increasing health issues. So, you already own a packet of oatmeal! When it comes to skin care also, oatmeal still does wonders. However, this face pack is best for those who still encounter dry skin during summer season too. Take one tea cup of oatmeal and half a cucumber (pasted). Add on yogurt as you mix the ingredients to give a smooth paste. Apply this face pack and let it sit for half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

The seasonal mango pack is a summer delight. Take the advantage of its season. This particular face pack protects your skin from all kinds of sun damage. Doesn’t it sound tempting!? In two tablespoon of mango pulp add sandalwood powder, honey, yogurt and turmeric powder (1tsp each). Blend it well and use it as a face pack. Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with plain water.

Enjoy the summer sun after applying a good sunscreen. And remember that such topical ointments last for few hours only. Thus, reapply it or keep hiding from the sun’s harmful rays. Save your skin from getting untimely and early ageing and pigmentation by following a regular skin care regimen. Drink lots of water, eat fruits and greens; reduce consumption of frizzy drinks and too oily and spicy foods. It is all for your health and only your act counts.

Of Your Fingers and Toes

Just imagine your fingers and toes without the nails! These tiny piece matters a lot truly and you will never love to depart from it. Nails work as an indicator to your health too. Since the nails are formed by a kind of protein called Keratin one can easily get a clue about protein deficiency by simply looking at the nails. These indicators are the tiny white lines that appear on your finger nails sometimes. Discoloured, brittle and crinkled nails are other common indicators of health issues. So, watch your nail and understand your health. We are not here to talk about nail health however shiny and smooth nails have a great link with its health. It is vital to know what is there in your nails. A good diet is always obligatory when it comes to your health; no matter for what and why. Continue reading “Of Your Fingers and Toes”

How Easy is Freelance Writing?

Working online? Freelancing? People raise eyebrows. Their expression, many times, makes you feel like you are doing a very easy or out of the world job. They often criticize the payment structure you mentioned to them. Whatever it may be, it is only you who knows the joy of being self sufficient.

Writing is not always easy. The binding factor is your willingness to accept your failure and weaknesses. It is quite disappointing for a new writer when his/her employer rejects the contents. The bold red highlights in your first article are the first lesson you need to learn. However, it is rare to get an employer who will highlight to inform you where you have gone wrong. If you get one, you are very lucky. We all want to conceal our weaknesses; it is human nature. And many a times, due to this ego, we often fail to accept the truth. You may not be able to stand a rejection for the third time. You may go furious. But here, you need to understand that you have a problem that needs change. Continue reading “How Easy is Freelance Writing?”