If you love cooking, you must know this……

Keeping into consideration about freshness, health, hygiene, contamination and satisfaction, the food you cooked at home is far better than the ones you can get from outside home. So, it is a must that you love cooking. You cannot love a stranger, am I right? Yes. Then it is true that if you are ZERO in cooking, definitely, you will not love it.

Come get an introduction to the kitchen…..

Many small things matter in real cooking. We are not here to professionalize cooking. Let’s try to find out the simplest way of home cooking, out of those ingredients you can get easily. Some shortcuts, few ingredients you can miss, taste might be not exactly as McDonalds but still it is you-made only and of course your family will love to savor down it.

This is not only for ladies only, gents can also join.

So, welcome to the world of www.abiznabiz.com recipes and tips kitchen.

We will start from some basics you must know about:

Beating: you can use a hand beater or any electric beater available in the market. If do not have any you can go for a large fork. Beating is the process of mixing all the ingredients properly into a fine paste. For cakes, while beating, it must only on one direction, clockwise or anti clockwise.

Batter: it is the mixture of all the ingredients, specially a thick paste.

Dusting: This is important for baking. It gives better result than using an oiled paper. The process is simple. Grease with few drops of oil inside the baking dish. Sprinkle flour onto it and slowly giving a pat on the outer side of the container, turn it around at the same time so that the flour spreads out evenly all over the container.

Icing sugar: you can get icing sugar from market but instead of going to market, if you can prepare it at home, how will you feel, won’t it be nice? Take one cup of sieved sugar powder and ¾ cup of corn flour. Mix it properly and your icing sugar is ready.

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