fast pudding

If you do not have time to prepare your selected desert and your guest are just dropping in then you can try this one…

you will need the following ingredients:

1ltr milk

marie gold biscuits or any unsalted biscuit

4 tbsp custard powder  (heaped)

1 cup sugar

cashew nuts and raisins for garnishing (chopped).

Whipped cream

How to prepare:

Take out a cup of milk and boil the rest of milk with sugar. Mix the cold milk with the custard powder and mix it gently stirring continuously to the boiling milk.  Reduce the flame and cook, still stirring, for five minutes.

Cool  it down for one to two minutes. Take a dish and  and spread  a thin layer of custard. Then place the biscuits on the spread. Again spread a layer of custard on top of the biscuits. Repeat this according to the choice of  the  number of layers you want to create.

Garnish with chopped cashew nuts and raisins.   Decorate it with whipped cream.   Chill it.

By the time you finish your dinner, your sweet dish is ready.  Cut it into desired shapes and enjoy it with your guest.

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