Unbeatable Advantages Offered By Colocation Hosting

We were talking about the best colocation hosting service in my last post. This time, to make you feel more secure while selecting this hosting service for your website, I want to put forward few of the advantages you will get when your website is hosted through this service. Let’s begin with the best ones first.

  • If you are looking for fastest internet connections, Colocation hosting is the best hosting type. Generally, the datacenters established for Colocation service are superfluous and has speediest internet connection which strengthens the network for your website. Thereby, you get the best bandwidth in least price that is almost hard to find with other hosting types. You will be happy to know that this is much cheaper than a dedicated T1 line.
  • Colocation hosting companies are specially established for the purpose only. Thus, they have the best facilities with full proof protection. Everything about the functioning of the server is built with solid power lines and backups and guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Any issue regarding the server is solved within an hour or even less than that as they have team of experts employed specially for the customer service.
  • You are owner of the hardware in a colocation hosting. Whenever you think that it is required, you can upgrade the tools and equipments. The hosting company does not keep the sole responsibility for setting up new severs with them only but you also can do it for the benefit of your websites. Even though you have shifted your business from a place to another, your server remains at the same place. This saves a lot of time and effort plus cost on top.
  • Not only the hardware, you are the owner of the software as well; in Colocation hosting type. The use of software is not limited to the few provided by the web hosting company. You can use any type of software applicable to your websites. Along with this, you will get the opportunity to use the management team on payment of few more additional charges if you do not have your own.

Well, it won’t be fair to leave you with the upsides only as you will certainly meet some downsides too with Colocation hosting services. It is not easy to find an ideal Colocation center as these companies resides only in the major cities where network hub is quite high. Besides, you will find this hosting type more expensive than a managed web hosting. You may not be able to frequent the center due to the geographical limitations. If you start getting a sudden overflowing traffic rate, you may need to pay more for the excess consumption of the bandwidth.

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