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Selecting web hosting services for your website is somewhat a tough task as several latest add on and technologies are being added to the existing hosting plans after every short interval. And the number of hosting deals and hosting companies also keep on increasing making it more confusing. However, you cannot escape your quest for the right hosting type that perfectly will fit to both your needs and budget.

The most popular web hosting talk is the latest web hosting with cPanel offers. This web hosting control panel is based on Linux. You will be provided with graphical interface and automated tools which are specially designed to make things easier while hosting websites and while managing the sites by the webmasters themselves. It is for the administrators, resellers and the end users or the web masters together. If you are a webmaster and have hosted your website through web hosting with cPanel then you will be provided with a standard web browser through which you can control the various features of your website and the server administration.

Along with GUI interface, this latest version of cPanel hosting is added with command line and API based access as well. This is the tool that allows the third party software vendors, web hosting companies and developers to automate standard system administration processes.

Web hosting with cPanel comes at a slightly higher cost as it performs as a dedicated server or a virtual private server. If you are looking for CentOS, Red Hat Linux and FreeBSD, this is the right type of web hosting that will benefit you the most.

For better application, it has featured Apache, PHP,MySQL, Perl, Postgres and BIND under the Application based support and for email based support, it has made itself the best by including POP3, IMAP, SMTP services.

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