Are You Purchasing SEO Content Writing for Your Site (Part II)

In my last article, we were talking about the factors that are required to be examined before you hire an SEO writer. Hiring a good SEO content writer will make it very easy for you to manage the whole task. But choosing the best professional writer needs a thorough research.

If the writer enquires about some basic information on the keywords, few additional instructions on it and wants to check the existing content of your site, then it is a very positive approach. But if the writers ask for more than these requirements, it will be wise if you start looking for another writer. It is very clear that you are going to pay for the service provided by the writer, so, the writer you have chosen must be able to write flawless contents on whatever keyword you have provided and without mush hard explanation.

It is also important to keep on the timeline as the visitors will go for the latest updates only and a difference of a single moment in your updates matters a lot. The writer should understand the need to meet the timeline and must submit the write ups on the specified time line. However, you should not force the writer to complete the task within too limited time period as this may lead to poor quality works. If the service provider is real professional then they will clearly specify the estimated time that will be required to finish your task. Usually, in 24 hours most of the professional writers can complete more than 3 articles of approximately 500 words but it strongly depends on the type of the article, the word count required and the nature of job.

Often, many webmasters or bloggers use to write the contents of their websites all by themselves and find it quite profitable. But when it comes to hiring SEO writers, they often find it not helpful. When they outsource, the SEO Company will promise for 100% perfect work but it often end up with gibberish as they use to outsourced the work again to some unqualified writers. If the SEO provider has a team of good writers that maintains quality and timely submission then you can buy from these writers.

The SEO provider you have chosen must have efficient customer service so that you can contact them anytime if you have any doubts. The best professional writers provide open invite to contact them with any questions regarding the service enquiry or the completed task.

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