Tips to Keep Children Safe Online

Before it is too late and you start seeking counseling sessions for your children to distract from the virtual world, it is a must that you gather few tips on how to keep your children safe online. The importance of online contents in the augmentation of educational knowledge and mental development of our kids is undoubtedly agreed. But on the other hand, the obsession of online gaming and social networking which may lead to cyber bullying and cyber crimes has also equally thriving danger in the young minds of our kids. You should remember that it is never too late to take up proper measures to save your children from such unwanted effects of the wonderful online presence.  

Motivation is the most vital step you need to include in your list of DOs. There must be an open and clear talk with your kid about the merits and demerits of online presence. You should not compel or threaten your kid to follow those strict rules framed by you concerning internet uses. Help them understand the contents of the virtual world and the possible risk they may encounter while accessing internet. They should also be provided with the feasible advises on how to fix the problems, if any. If they encounter issues related with cyber crimes and bullying, help them solve it under your supervision. If you keep yourself open to your kids, there is a high chance that they will come to you to share their online issues and to seek help to get rid of it.

Social networking, though looks quite transparent, often becomes the starting point of several cyber crimes and bullying. You should always be monitoring your kid’s networking endeavor. It is hard to control the kids when it comes to social networking. A regular monitoring on their social networking activities and friend list is much required. The wrong notation of huge friend list and online popularity should be explained to your kids so that they keep only those persons who are important and helping. Moreover, incident like sexting and abuses should also be explained to help them understand the cyber risk.

You should, as well, inform them the possible outcomes of sharing personal and sensitive information online. Let your kids understand the importance of cyber reputation since several universities and job recruiters have started assessing the applicants through their online reputation. A proper education on online reputation and its impacts should be imparted.

The affordability and requirement of using computer no more allows the user to share the system even with their family member. Each person has a personal computer or a laptop that they can keep with them 24/7. However, this should not be made obligatory to your kids and there should be restrictions in the use of computers. They should not be allowed to use the computer in the late night hours. Accessing internet should be in the free hours and under your supervision.

These tips, in fact, are hard to follow but are very much required to keep your kids safe online. And giving it a try will never make you a lost. However, you can always share these tips with love and understanding to get the best out of it.

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