How Easy is Freelance Writing?

Working online? Freelancing? People raise eyebrows. Their expression, many times, makes you feel like you are doing a very easy or out of the world job. They often criticize the payment structure you mentioned to them. Whatever it may be, it is only you who knows the joy of being self sufficient.

Writing is not always easy. The binding factor is your willingness to accept your failure and weaknesses. It is quite disappointing for a new writer when his/her employer rejects the contents. The bold red highlights in your first article are the first lesson you need to learn. However, it is rare to get an employer who will highlight to inform you where you have gone wrong. If you get one, you are very lucky. We all want to conceal our weaknesses; it is human nature. And many a times, due to this ego, we often fail to accept the truth. You may not be able to stand a rejection for the third time. You may go furious. But here, you need to understand that you have a problem that needs change.

Correct the grammatical mistakes and study the difference. You will have to take out time to read on several articles published by reputed blogging sites that have specialized articles on general grammatical mistakes. Learn to write even when there is no demand for it. Read your article thoroughly, again and again, admire it, polish it, find more appropriate words by studying the synonyms and know the antonyms.

When you opt for freelance writing, you have become a part of online education which serves billions of people through the WWW.  If there is any grammatical mistake, the article may carry a different meaning. Or if you have included anything without proper research that may mislead the readers. Plagiarism is also one of the important areas the aspirant writers must study about. However, do not opt for freelance writing only because your friend is earning well through it. Ask your soul if you have the willingness and ability before you make the move to avoid disappointments.

The art of writing is not for money but for education. Good writings get noticed without much effort. If you expect reward while writing, your urge to give the best may spoil the spirit of expression. Let your mind cool down, set it free and let it work on its own. Do not control it with the money factor.

I have got a question on the niche issue from one of the aspirant new writer. The niche in writing does not have anything to do with your academic subjects until and unless you go for academic freelance writing. It can be anything or many things. The versatile writers get more opportunity. However, the best is to choose a niche on which you have good knowledge.

I started my writing journey with 5cents per word. I was hurt when my bids were not awarded. I know the pain of rejection and have learnt from it. Freelance writing is all about passion and endurance.

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