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Just imagine your fingers and toes without the nails! These tiny piece matters a lot truly and you will never love to depart from it. Nails work as an indicator to your health too. Since the nails are formed by a kind of protein called Keratin one can easily get a clue about protein deficiency by simply looking at the nails. These indicators are the tiny white lines that appear on your finger nails sometimes. Discoloured, brittle and crinkled nails are other common indicators of health issues. So, watch your nail and understand your health. We are not here to talk about nail health however shiny and smooth nails have a great link with its health. It is vital to know what is there in your nails. A good diet is always obligatory when it comes to your health; no matter for what and why.

Finger nails grow faster than the toe nails. Every week you will need to trim it and buff it. You have been taking care of your nails, though unknowingly, by cleaning it during the baths that really helps your nails to stay clean, gleaming and hygienic. On the other hand, we also damage our nails in many ways too. Such unintentional habits or daily necessities that damage your nails are listed below.

  • Biting of nails often; this is the worst habit ever. It makes your nail tips rough and damages the tender skin that locks in your nails to your fingers. Habitual biting of nails leads to bleeding at times. It makes the area around your nails infectious and spoils the entire show of your fingers and nails.
  • When it comes to cuticles, many of you love playing with your cuticles. You often scratch it down to make the edges rounded or shaped as you wish.
  • Using of harsh detergents while washing clothes and dishes also dulls out the nails.
  • Forcing your nails to peel, scratch or pry off also damages your nails. It may break or tear your nail away from the skin thereby making your nails weak.

Besides avoiding nail biting, playing with the cuticle, harsh detergents and forceful pull-pressure, always avoid nail colour remover as well. The alcohol content in the product will make your nails dull and brittle at the same time. Use a pair of gloves while gardening or washing. Use a good nail moisturising lotion which has vitamin E and collagen content. Moisturise your nails after every wash.

If you want to strengthen the nails and bring some glow to it, dip your nails in warm olive oil for 10-15 minutes and massage it. You can dip your entire hands and feet as well by adding one tablespoon of olive oil to warm water enough to dip them. Let your feet soak for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Massage your nails gently during the dip. This can be done two-three times in a week. If you can carry out this dip and massage treat before bed time, it will be ideal for your nails as well as for your skin. This will lessen the brittleness of your nail. You can replace the olive oil by mustard oil if you find the previous too expensive. You can as well give a salt bath to your nails instead. Take a mixture of 4 tablespoon of salt and a liter of water to get your hands and feet soaked (for around 10 to 15 minutes). You will have to apply a moisturiser or a nail softener thereafter.

While filing your nails, file along the same direction. An emery board is always better than a file. Trim the toe nails in a straight line as much as possible to avoid the deep cut curves on the sides of the nails. It is quite painful if the ingrown nail starts pricking on the skin. It takes a lot of time to correct such a nail trimming mistake and it is worse if it gets infected.

If you want to remove the stains on your nails, mix a spoonful of lemon juice to a cup of warm water; dip your nails in it for about 20 minutes. Do it regularly to get the desired result. You can use cotton pads dipped in lemon juice to rub off the stains from your nails otherwise. An alternative to lemon juice is the chamomile. You can buy the dry chamomile blossom from the stores that sells aroma stocks. Brew few spoons of it in two cups of water for about 20 to 25 minutes. Dip your nails in the brew for 20 minutes. For faster result you can combine the same with the lemon juice rub.

Cuticles are important for your nails. Sometimes it dries out giving a rugged and flaky look. It affects your nail too. A healthy cuticle means healthy nails. Thus to make the cuticles healthy apply a softener or a moisturiser to make it supple. When the nails and the skin around is softened, shaped back the cuticle a little. You should carefully massage away the dry skin and the extra white membrane too.

Sometimes the nails appear yellow without any reason. It is different from the yellow tint that often appears when you use nail colour excessively. It is fungal infection. This yellow can become brown and green as well depending on the severity. Keep checking your toenails for this as toenails are prone to fungal infection. Apple cider is the best treat for such an issue. Take equal parts of warm water and apple cider; soak your feet and hands in to the mixture for few minutes. Dry your feet thoroughly so that no moisture is left there in the crooks around. Then give a thorough olive oil massage on your toes and cuticles. It may take months to get rid of the fungal infection. However, you will notice a visible improvement in your feet’s health.

Do not forget your fingers and toes when planning for a beauty regimen. To cut down the repeated use of nail colour remover, apply a coat of vinegar on your nails prior to the application of the colour. It will help the colour to last longer on your nails. Sparkle your nail by rubbing on a blend of rose water with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. Take 40 ml of rose water, 10 gms of glycerin and 50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Dip a cotton ball on the solution and rub it on your.

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