Tips on How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Looking beautiful does not only imply to a makeup session that boosts your appearance. However, enhancing your look without makeup needs patience and perseverance. To get this naturally beautiful look, you will have to start with a strict skin care regimen.

The long list of makeup kit usually includes a sunscreen, a light foundation, lip and eyebrow definers, eye shadow shades, blusher, dusting powder and a range of lipsticks usually. Cut it down to few essentials, like, a sunscreen, eyebrow definer, dusting powder and a lip balm. Yet, the list of essentials depends on how you would like to enhance your appearance.


Pick mascara and drop the kajal. It will make you look more natural. Invest on a good eyelash curler. Apply coconut and almond oil on your lashes before bed every day to get longer lashes in return. Remember that it does not happen in a single application; be regular. Comb and curl your lashes slightly to give a wider look to your eyes. Do not press the curler hard. It may spoil the lashes or you may end with visibly curled lashes that look out of the place.  Even without defining your eyes or the eye shadow, you eyes will look simply innocent.

If your eyes are puffy and you look sick, then try brushing with a slightly darker tone of eye shadow than your natural skin tone on the upper eyelids and on the corners of the lower eyelids.


Strike blushers too off from your list of essentials. Lip colours like orange red or deep red or even mocha gives natural look. Try applying a thin coat of one of these lip colours and blend it with a lip balm or a nude shade thereby leaving it with the hue only.

Going without makeup asks for beautiful skin, i.e. spot and scar free plus even toned. Following a good skin care regimen becomes significant at this point. Moisturise your skin with glycerine every night or just dab or spritz with rose water after every wash. Include in your regimen a warm water with lemon juice drink every morning. This will flush out the toxins and will leave you fresh and hydrated.

Exfoliate your skin once in a week with a natural or homemade formula. It will help shed dead skins regularly and will give lustrous healthy skin. Dermatologists never advice hard rubs for exfoliation. You can use plain sugar granules to exfoliate your skin. This is to get smooth skin just before your day out.


Pimples and acnes: the biggest obstacle to your naturally beautiful skin. Promise yourself not to touch it. Keep your nails and fingers away from these notorious bumps. It will fade away with time. Try applying a topical ointments with ingredients like kojic acid on the spots to cure it fast.

Never ever forget to wear a sunscreen. Dermatologist have suggested to apply a blend of sunscreen and lacto calamine lotion if you have dark spots and acnes. It reduces the appearance of dark spots  and also helps in tackling acnes and dry skin issues. Always pick water based moisturisers.


Groom your ‘self’. Always trim your hair and follow a hairstyle that fits to your facial structure. Keep changing your hair style. Maintain a fuller eyebrow line; thin lines give more matured look. Massage your lips regularly using a soft brush. Moisturise your lips eveytime you wash it. Brush twice a day to keep your teeth gleaming white. Always check for any lipstick marks on your teeth before you step out in the crowd.


Makeup is fun; you can emerge with different looks. But for everyday wear, it is tiring to your skin. Do not make anything mandatory. Play with it; create a new you every day. Create your confidence through the natural look in your face. Once in a while let your skin live naturally.

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