How to and When to Cleanse Your Face

When it comes to how to and when to cleanse your face, you have loads of confusions. If you have oily skin then you tend to wash your face after every hour. And those with dry skin issues, they are afraid to wash their face. However, you can also find some people who washes their face anytime without any worry. Some people advice you not to wash your face while you are sweating and is in heat; you need to cool down first and wash your face. Be it this or that, you need to maintain skin hygiene by washing your face twice daily.


Cleansing your skin is different from washing your face as in the process of cleansing you are going to use a cleanser to only wipe off the dirt and grime stuck on your skin. Washing means you will wash off the same using a face wash and water to remove the residue as well. Again, cleanser can be of varied types; herbal or chemical, alcohol based, foam based, oil based and many more. Sometimes you feel lazy or are in a hurry; you cleanse your skin with a cleanser and apply the makeup and off you go or jump into the bed for a good night sleep. If so, you have missed washing your face.


Rinsing simply refers to splashing plain water to your face. It does not cover the act of washing as it happened with cleansing. Therefore, you need to know what washing of face actually refers to. Stop refering cleansing or rinsing as washing your face.

You can combine cleansing and rinsing for washing your skin on the other hand as the process will remove any unwanted residue on the skin. However, you should not use these regimens separately in place of washing face as it is very important to wash off the residues after cleansing.

Do not forget to wash your face twice in a day; once in the morning and the other, in the evening, just before bedtime. It can be with or without cleansing your skin. It depends on your skin type and how prone is your skin to acne and pimple breakouts as well as the makeup you wear. Fresh milk as a very good cleanser.


Moisturise your face after every wash. The moisturiser you are going to use also depends on the type of your skin. Do not overload your skin with unnecessary moisture. It may trigger breakouts and other skin issues. Use moisturiser only to maintain the natural oil secretion limit. For some people rosewater works wonders, others have glycerine-water blend as moisturiser or you buy a suitable moisturiser from the OTC.

If your skin is too oily, you can rinse your face many times during the day. However, always limit the number of face wash at two times a day. It is difficult to maintain oily skin. You look oily all the time and if you try to wipe off the excess oil, breakouts are ready to surface. People with oily skin should not forget to wash their face and should always apply a light moisturiser immediately after every wash.


If you have dry skin, avoid alcohol based products. Wash it everyday, twice. The type of the cleanser you are going to use before face wash may need some consideration in your case. Always use milk, cucumber juice or tomato juice as cleanser instead of all those harsh chemicals. Moisturise your skin afterwards with a suitable moisturiser.

Cleasing and washing your face regularly will help in slowing down the aging process of your skin. Specially during night time, the skin repairs and regenerates new skin cells. Thus, removing the makeup, dirt and grime before bed with proper way of washing your face is vital. You will look younger and your skin will retain the natural lustre for long. Let your skin wake up with smoother, clearer and softer touch the next morning just by giving 3-4 minutes to wash your face every morning and night.

So, you wake up in the morning with the refreshed and repaired skin. The excess sebum that softens the skin is quite visible now through the gleaming T-zone. Moreover, the dead skin cells need to shed as well. Just wipe your skin with the right cleanser at hand and rinse it off. Do not forget to wash your skin with a mild face wash if you are going to apply makeup in the morning. Use of glycerine as moisturiser in the morning is not recommended since it helps tan your skin when exposed to sunlight. Apply a sunscreen if you do not want to wear a mosituriser during the daytime when you are indoor.


Knowing the right way of on how to and when to cleanse your face may end your complaints on several skin issues. Half of the problems will be solved if you follow the right way of washing your face.

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