How Easy is Freelance Writing?

Working online? Freelancing? People raise eyebrows. Their expression, many times, makes you feel like you are doing a very easy or out of the world job. They often criticize the payment structure you mentioned to them. Whatever it may be, it is only you who knows the joy of being self sufficient.

Writing is not always easy. The binding factor is your willingness to accept your failure and weaknesses. It is quite disappointing for a new writer when his/her employer rejects the contents. The bold red highlights in your first article are the first lesson you need to learn. However, it is rare to get an employer who will highlight to inform you where you have gone wrong. If you get one, you are very lucky. We all want to conceal our weaknesses; it is human nature. And many a times, due to this ego, we often fail to accept the truth. You may not be able to stand a rejection for the third time. You may go furious. But here, you need to understand that you have a problem that needs change. Continue reading “How Easy is Freelance Writing?”

Latest Webhosting Trend: Mobile Web

Use of desktop to access internet has been replaced by laptops in no time. The changes occur so fast that the webhosting companies strive hard to fill the gap by adding necessary tools and features to the existing webhosting services. However, the latest trend of mobile web has sprung up with a lot of demands which the web hosting companies are trying hard to keep up with.

The use of mobile devices like a smartphone, tablet computers and the like have ask for more refined features in the hosting packages. Though the mobile devices have a smaller screen, the mobility has made it powerful among its users. The demand of mobile web hosting has risen tremendously within a very short time frame. It has been added by the introduction of multitouch mobile devices. The mobile web has become the third most used platform according to a research on mobile development. Continue reading “Latest Webhosting Trend: Mobile Web”

Benefits of Hybrid Clouds Webhosting

Among the most preferred web hosting packages in the current year, the Hybrid Clouds Hosting is worth mentioning. This particular webhosting service utilizes both the internal and external clouds which work together but still remains as an independent entity. This helps the end user to obtain the maximum degree of fault tolerance. You will be provided with the benefits of flexibility of in-house applications and scalability of cloud based services through this unique Hybrid Clouds Hosting. Continue reading “Benefits of Hybrid Clouds Webhosting”

Green Web Hosting: Eco Friendly and Cheap Hosting

To meet the webhosting demands of the end users, the industry has to keep pace with the webhosting revolution. While this is a need that cannot be ignored, we have another critical issue that asks for the similar effort. The web hosting industries have to add in their agenda the reduction of power consumption so that they can as well provide the required service to the end users without harming our Earth. Continue reading “Green Web Hosting: Eco Friendly and Cheap Hosting”

Parents Online Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe Online

At present, parents safety tips to keep children safe online is the most sought issue since undesirable online activities like cyber bullying, social networking, identity theft, and online reputation plus cyber crimes like abuses, harassment and sexual predators has taken a rise online. Proper control and education over kid’s online activities has become essential so that they can manage their online safety by themselves. Participating in websites or forums by the parents will help them gather a good amount of knowledge about how to maintain their kids’ safety online. They can also go through articles related with online safety for children so that they can stay up-to-date and can help them grow without any unwanted online disturbances.  Continue reading “Parents Online Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe Online”

Tips to Keep Children Safe Online

Before it is too late and you start seeking counseling sessions for your children to distract from the virtual world, it is a must that you gather few tips on how to keep your children safe online. The importance of online contents in the augmentation of educational knowledge and mental development of our kids is undoubtedly agreed. But on the other hand, the obsession of online gaming and social networking which may lead to cyber bullying and cyber crimes has also equally thriving danger in the young minds of our kids. You should remember that it is never too late to take up proper measures to save your children from such unwanted effects of the wonderful online presence.   Continue reading “Tips to Keep Children Safe Online”

How to Create Family Safety Online

The increasing interest of almost all the online users in World Wide Web has tremendously augmented the need of family safety online. When kids are asked to choose from indoor/outdoor games and online games, it is obvious that they prefer to pick the later. People are so lost in the virtual world that the importance of personal and family relationship has fallen into such a stake which, now, requires a counsel to cure. Besides, humans are losing the mental and physical health along with the earthly contentment against online attraction. Continue reading “How to Create Family Safety Online”

Chicken Aloo Tikka Recipe

For those who prefer to eat homemade snacks, there are plenty of choices. Among those, mouth watering chicken aloo tikka can be the one that is worth trying. It is easy and less time consuming, if you are not preparing in huge quantity. Besides, the ingredients are very simple and you can get it in your home without much effort. So, try on this easy and fast recipe.


  1. 50gm chicken015
  2. 2 big potatoes
  3. 1 big onion
  4. 1 egg
  5. A cup of bread crumbs
  6. Few cloves of garlic
  7. A small piece of ginger
  8. Garam masala to taste
  9. 2/3 pinch of turmeric powder
  10.  Chili powder to taste
  11. Oil
  12. Salt to taste

Boil the chicken and potatoes separately, stand it to cool down. While you are waiting for it to cool down, chop the onion and make a paste of ginger and garlic. Separate the egg white from the yolk.

Remove all the bones from the chicken and mash it giving a little effort so that no lump can be found. Likewise, peel the potatoes and mash it. Mix both the ingredients properly then add on the chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, turmeric powder, chili powder and salt. When the ingredients are properly mixed, divide the mixture into small balls. Using both your palms, flatten the balls by slightly pressing on it.

Spread the breadcrumbs over a quarter plate. Take a flat bottom fry pan, brush it with oil and heat it in medium heat. Dip the flatten tikka into the egg white; remove it fast and place it over the breadcrumbs. Turn it over so that it is wholly covered with the breadcrumbs. Then place it over the pan and fry it till it gives a golden hue on the lower side. Flip it and fry the other part till it gives the same hue. Sprinkle oil in between if required.

Serve it hot. Garnishing depends on your likes as this goes well with anything.

Tips to Identify Online Freelance Work From Home Scams

Identity theft and phishing online has become the major practice adopted by many internet users who are waiting for a chance to rob the naive users. It has become very important for online job seekers to know the real job provider among the several in the market. This can be done only by knowing how to identify real online freelance work from scams. You may not be knowing where and how to find the legitimate websites which provides fully secured online jobs and hence may fall victims of online scams. Thus, do not rush to get the job you are looking for and do not be attracted to those too good to be true type advertisements. Continue reading “Tips to Identify Online Freelance Work From Home Scams”