What Do You Get From Colocation Hosting

Especially when you are running a huge website which needs proper and efficient management along with sufficient diskspace, bandwidth and uptime, dedicated servers is the best option. For those e-commerce websites that needs smooth running and secure transactions, managing the website becomes quite hectic. It is very important to keep proper tracking of your database performance to ensure the optimum performance. What if something more is added to the dedicated hosting services? Continue reading “What Do You Get From Colocation Hosting”

Unbeatable Advantages Offered By Colocation Hosting

We were talking about the best colocation hosting service in my last post. This time, to make you feel more secure while selecting this hosting service for your website, I want to put forward few of the advantages you will get when your website is hosted through this service. Let’s begin with the best ones first. Continue reading “Unbeatable Advantages Offered By Colocation Hosting”