A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Hosting Features and Benefits

Cloud hosting has occupied a prominent position in most of the online business circles. The terminology “cloud hosting” might be new to some but you are already part of the idea or part of the cloud knowingly or unknowingly. Perplexed? No need to panic as it can be explained in simple words to give a clear picture on it. If you are a computer user and tap into Google searches, then you are entering into the cloud since Google is a cloud hosted website that operates on multiple connected servers also called the users. Instead of having a dedicated server as done in traditional web hosting, the website gets access to multiple servers through this hosting type. Moreover, with the evolution of cheapest web hosting services, cloud hosting will get further revolutionized as it provides considerably efficient features at a reasonably low rate. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Hosting Features and Benefits”

Web Hosting with cPanel

Selecting web hosting services for your website is somewhat a tough task as several latest add on and technologies are being added to the existing hosting plans after every short interval. And the number of hosting deals and hosting companies also keep on increasing making it more confusing. However, you cannot escape your quest for the right hosting type that perfectly will fit to both your needs and budget. Continue reading “Web Hosting with cPanel”

What Do You Get From Colocation Hosting

Especially when you are running a huge website which needs proper and efficient management along with sufficient diskspace, bandwidth and uptime, dedicated servers is the best option. For those e-commerce websites that needs smooth running and secure transactions, managing the website becomes quite hectic. It is very important to keep proper tracking of your database performance to ensure the optimum performance. What if something more is added to the dedicated hosting services? Continue reading “What Do You Get From Colocation Hosting”