How to Include Indian Gooseberry in Skin and Hair Care Regimen

The grandmother’s recipe is back again. And this time it is Indian Gooseberry for Skin and Hair Care. Indian gooseberry is packed with vitamin C along with other nutrients that are necessary for your health. If you want to prepare a magic potion for your skin and health, try your hand in gooseberry juice. Drink pure homemade Indian gooseberry juice once daily, then, more than half of your health and skin issues will vanish.

Preparation of this wonderful juice takes a little effort. However, the canned or bottled juice cannot beat the pure homemade juice at any cost. Learn a few tricks on how to make gooseberry juice at home.

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12 Ways to Care Skin and Hair during Monsoon

Last few days, I was out in the rain, holidaying. It was really maddening to get suddenly exposed to the drizzle every now and then. The scarf helped a lot though. You may be familiar with the washed away sunscreen and damp hair issue in such a situation. My mother always advised me not to expose the hair in drizzles; it creates trouble that increases your hair woes. The lovely wet hair look needs a lot of instant hair care tactics to get rid of the unwanted consequences that directly relates to the wet season. The impact also differs from the type of rain you get exposed to. You need to understand the disparity in fresh and dirty rainwater. And a higher level of humidity also plays the villain in damaging your skin and hair.

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