2017 New Year Resolutions for Your Skin

A retrospective of 2016 regarding your skin care regimen may explain lack of important steps or simply, some, you may have skipped and few you did not know. Yes, it is time to make a new resolution because 2017, another chapter of your life is knocking at the door. Just have a list to check on your add on options here.

  • Once in a year, have a thorough check up of your skin for any kind of unwanted signs. The most important is a mole check on your body. Soon after the New Year Celebrations, visit your dermatologist to carry out the examination; otherwise you will forget it.


  •  When there is real beauty in your skin, you will always look beautiful with or without makeup. So, resolve the conflict between sleeping with makeup on and without makeup. Say you will never wear makeup during your good night’s sleep.
  • Moisturize your skin everyday and whenever your skin needs it. Promise that you will always keep your body lotion and moisturizer in the bathroom. Keeping such necessary things at the right place will chase away your laziness. Complete this tedious regimen while you are still in bathroom and your skin is still damp.


  • A good Sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 is a must for your daily use. Always use sheer or oil free or water based sunscreen for a flawless touch in your makeup.sun-protection-148363_1280
  • Wash your face entirely; remove all the makeup as soon as you reach home. Do not ever forget to remove eye makeup as well. Be sure the mascara no longer stays on your lashes when the show has finish.
  • Promise that you will wash your face with plain lukewarm water after the cleansing regimen. This is a compulsory step until and unless your cleanser is a cleanser cum leave on moisturizer. If you are using such a product then simply wipe the makeup off with a cotton ball dabbed on the cleanser. Make sure all the traces of makeup have been clearly removed. Leave it on for the moisturizing result.


  • This new year add face wipes in your kit. Keep it handy. Just tear it open and swab sometimes in between. This is quite helpful during long travel as well. No need to wash your face with water! Voila! It’s done.
  • You love exercise and that is a very good regimen you are following. Nowadays the world is shrinking so as the areas available for workouts. Big gyms have been replaced by studios. And such places often lack the shower facility. If you have landed in one of such places then keep your body wipe strips handy. Swab your face, chest and back with the body wipes soon after you finish your work out. Change your clothes if possible. Run straight for home and plunge into a lukewarm bath. This will help you in cutting down the unwanted bumps, that you call acne, on your face, back and chest.
  • When your skin has matured, you need more care. You just jump start the skin replenishing regimen as the natural way slows down dramatically as you grow old. To keep the natural luster of your skin intact, add a regular exfoliation regimen this New Year. Use plain besan/gram flour on damp skin as mild scrub on alternate days. Keep a facial masks schedule once in a week. This is not so tiring.
  • This year, love your hands and feet. Say ‘never’ to use of your nails in place of tools. Always use the remains of the scrub you have used on your face to do with your hands as well. Moisturize your hands and make sure the lotion you are using for your hands and feet has SPF content. Do not shy away from using deep moisturizing therapy or wearing gloves overnight after applying a heavy cream on your hands and feet. This will cure extreme dryness of your skin.


  • Guarantee that you will clean your makeup brushes without fail. Soak your brushes in mild shampoo or liquid soap diluted in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly, reshape and allow it to dry completely before reusing it. Set a reminder so that you do not forget cleaning your brush once every month.


  • Once again promise that you will never touch your face unnecessarily. This will reduce the acne breakouts, zits and the spots. Happy!
  • Change your pillowcase every week or twice a week. This will reduce breakouts as well as dandruff issues.
  • Drink lots of fluids; specially, water. Keep handy a water bottle wherever you go.
  • Deep down, promise yourself that you will follow a consistent skin care regimen. You need to follow a regimen at least for three to six months. If you want to change the regimen or add a new step, be sure it slips in slowly. Sudden changes are not recommended.
  • Go organic and be herbal.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Include lots of greens and colorful vegetables in your diet. Consume most of the diet raw (whichever is applicable). Be sure to have a green salad every day on your platter.
  • Never ever wear makeup in haste. Give each product time to sink in your skin.
  • Any new skin treatment needs good time to show the results. You can move on to the next product if the product is not showing any result even after six weeks of use. Have patience; wait and see.
  • Lastly, promise to stick to the regimen always.